Genome sequencing
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Genome sequencing

Whole genome sequencing (WGS)

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What is whole genome sequencing?

Whole genome sequencing (WGS) is an analysis of a person's entire DNA sequence, including both protein-coding regions (exome) and non-coding 'silent' regions of the genome.. Whole genome sequencing provides as much information as possible about known or previously undetected genetic alterations that may have caused the development of a disease.

Today, millions of patients with genetic diseases suffer from an unspecified diagnosis. Although in some cases, approaches such as single gene or gene panel testing can identify the cause of disease, the percentage of detectable genetic changes using this approach is rather limited.

The analysis of mutations in coding regions of the genome (whole exome sequencing) accounts for only 1-2% of all DNA.

According to the current literature, the analysis of non-coding DNA sequence variants can provide important information in the diagnosis of genetic diseases.

WGS is a comprehensive overview of a patient's genetic data

Although much more genetic variation can be identified by whole genome sequencing than by single gene or exome sequencing, the significance of the majority of this information is unknown. 

Since not all genetic changes affect health, it is not always possible to determine whether the variants identified are the cause of the condition in question.

Sometimes an identified variant is linked to another genetic disorder that has not yet been diagnosed (these are called incidental or secondary findings).

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Indications for whole genome sequencing

  1. Suspicion of a hereditary disease when other molecular diagnostic methods prove uninformative.
  2. For patients with "mixed" clinical manifestations or with suspected dual diagnosis.
  3. Suspicion of mitochondrial disease.
  4. Search for variants in non-coding regions of the genome.

The advantages of whole genome sequencing at First Genetics

In-house laboratory located in a certified, high-purity facility
Specialists with many years of experience in genetics, laboratory diagnostics and bioinformatics
Free delivery of biomaterial across Russia
Time frame for the test — up to 55 calendar days
Commitment to the quality and clinical relevance of the work
Affordable price of 99 000 roubles
The diagnostic efficiency of genome sequencing is 10% greater compared to exome sequencing

How do I take the Genome DNA test?

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Price 99 000 ₽
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You must give your venous blood sample (4 ml) in vials with EDTA (purple cap vial) in any laboratory in your city. Be sure to sign the vials!

Позвоните курьеру 8 (800) 201-74-63

The courier will pick up the kit with your blood and take it to the lab free of charge55 рабочих дней необходимо лаборатории для исследования.

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Raw data provided free of charge, upon request.

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Genome sequencing at First Genetics


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Free delivery of biomaterial across Russia


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Whole genome sequencing is an effective diagnostic tool for many patients with a suspected hereditary pathology.

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